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CryptoPokemon is blockchain-based game that allows you to collect unique ONE-OF-A-KIND pokemons! Each pokemon is stored in blockchain, once it is created there is no way to destroy or remove it.

Featured Pokemons

Ethereum smart contracts powers up CryptoPokemon

The idea of cryptopokemons is simple. It is collecting game that is based upon Ethereum blockchain. Each pokemon is unique and has a contract that a player can purchase with Ethereum. If another player wants to collect that CryptoPokemon, then they will have to pay more for the contract. The previous owner gets up to 3x of what he paid as reward

All of them are coming to blockchain!

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4 levels of price increase

The price of each pokemon's contract increases with each transaction. All pokemons are in the market, its possible for everyone to buy every pokemon. And when someone buys yours, in reward get up to 3x of what you paid for it.

4 levels of price increase:

Lvl 1: 3x increase from 0.01 ETH to 0.1 ETH

Lvl 2: 2x increase from 0.1 ETH to 0.4 ETH

lvl 3: 25% increase from 0.4 ETH to 1 ETH

lvl 4: 15% increase from 1 ETH and up